Saturday, April 21, 2007

Lets fill the blog with classic cars and more...!

Well the blog seems to work properly! This week I will start to publish classic cars which are being tested, evaluated and photographed for my website. I also have an interview for the magazine I write for, who knows maybe something unexpected happens that can be published overhere! This week, starting April 24, I will live and work a little different. Normally I drive from job to job through the Netherlands, one day here, go home, the other day there. This week a 'mobile office' will be coupled with my classic 1975 Rover P6B. The mobile office is a 25 year old classic caravan from which I will live and work! The weather will be nice so why not combine work and pleasure? Tuesday I will drive to the north of the country (Friesland) and Thursday I will drive to the south east (Limburg). Found some nice camping spots!

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