Sunday, April 22, 2007

Interview with Rob Koch (Daf & Volvo car B.V.)

For next months issue of 'Onschatbare Klassieker Magazine' May 2007, I had a long and very delightfull conversation/interview with mr Rob Koch. From 1964 until 1973 he was chief of the DAF sportscar division. This Dutch car manufacturer participated succesfully in Formula 3 racing, the rally competition and rally cross. Daf managed to finish with both cars in the 1968 London-Sydney rally. This was the heaviest rally ever held. Daf managed to finish 17th and 56th. After DAF was taken over by Volvo of Sweden Rob Koch became chief styling at Volvo Car B.V. in the Netherlands. Under his supervision the Dutch design team won the contest of Volvo project G-13 (a compact front wheel drive Volvo for the American market.) This resulted in the Volvo 480 ES. After the 480 ES Rob was responsible for the 440, 460, the S40 and the V40. In the year 1993 he retired. People from the Netherlands and Belgium can read his story in two chapters, the first part next month! Website of the Dutch Classic Car Magazine

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