Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Interview with mr. Westerman CEO State-of-Art fashion

Today I had an interview with a true Porsche adept, mr. Westerman, owner and CEO of the fashion house State-of-Art. http://www.stateofart.com. The thrives inspiration from the car passion, classic Porsche cars and racing. Impressive paintings of the German artist Uli Hack are used to communicate the passion for fashion and speed. See http://www.ulihack.de. For mr. Westerman this is a busy week, Wednesday the new Mille miglia collection will be presented in Amsterdam and very soon the State-of-Art team will drive the 2007 Mille Miglia in Italy with three (!) Porsche classics! In the picture you see two very scarce Porsche 550 Spyder cars being prepared for this supreme event which starts on May 17, 2007! http://www.millemiglia.it. The interview will be published in the June issue of 'Onschatbare Klassieker magazine.

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