Sunday, January 24, 2010

1971 Citroen SM

In the spring of 2009 I was surprised to be able to drive a Citroen SM in brand new condition at! What a delightful automobile, it drives as comfortable as nothing I experienced before. You sit deep in it and the futuristic dash is draped fluently around the driver. Driving the SM it feels like a sporty kind of limousine, as it is! The 170 bhp. Maserati V6 engine fits the personality of the SM perfectly. The car feels quite fast but it is certainly not a sports car. It's a fantastic GT or 'Grand Routier' and it is a shame Citroen does not build these kind of cars any more. In my opinion the SM is one of the most beautiful cars ever built! Full photo reportage, engine sounds and more information at:

The interior is of a time less design, the SM handles soft and gentle, like driving a flying carpet.

The Maserati 2670 cc. V6 engine and the green 'pressure tanks' of the hydraulic suspension.

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