Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Mobile 'office' and Rover P6B

As I posted earlier this week I am travelling and working on several locations in the Netherlands. Right now I made camp in Aldeboarn in the north of the country!

Volvo P1800S

This fine 1966 Volvo P1800S was tested and photographed today at Piet Mozes Restorations. The car is in superb excellent++ condition! The car will be added to www.ClassicarGarage.nl shortly.

Interview with mr. Westerman CEO State-of-Art fashion

Today I had an interview with a true Porsche adept, mr. Westerman, owner and CEO of the fashion house State-of-Art. http://www.stateofart.com. The thrives inspiration from the car passion, classic Porsche cars and racing. Impressive paintings of the German artist Uli Hack are used to communicate the passion for fashion and speed. See http://www.ulihack.de. For mr. Westerman this is a busy week, Wednesday the new Mille miglia collection will be presented in Amsterdam and very soon the State-of-Art team will drive the 2007 Mille Miglia in Italy with three (!) Porsche classics! In the picture you see two very scarce Porsche 550 Spyder cars being prepared for this supreme event which starts on May 17, 2007! http://www.millemiglia.it. The interview will be published in the June issue of 'Onschatbare Klassieker magazine.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Interview with Rob Koch (Daf & Volvo car B.V.)

For next months issue of 'Onschatbare Klassieker Magazine' May 2007, I had a long and very delightfull conversation/interview with mr Rob Koch. From 1964 until 1973 he was chief of the DAF sportscar division. This Dutch car manufacturer participated succesfully in Formula 3 racing, the rally competition and rally cross. Daf managed to finish with both cars in the 1968 London-Sydney rally. This was the heaviest rally ever held. Daf managed to finish 17th and 56th. After DAF was taken over by Volvo of Sweden Rob Koch became chief styling at Volvo Car B.V. in the Netherlands. Under his supervision the Dutch design team won the contest of Volvo project G-13 (a compact front wheel drive Volvo for the American market.) This resulted in the Volvo 480 ES. After the 480 ES Rob was responsible for the 440, 460, the S40 and the V40. In the year 1993 he retired. People from the Netherlands and Belgium can read his story in two chapters, the first part next month! Website of the Dutch Classic Car Magazine http://www.okm.nl

Interview Smiths-Veglia fine classic automobiles

For the April issue of the Dutch 'Onschatbare Klassieker Magazine' I visited and interviewed mr. Robert Fluttert of Smiths-Veglia. This company sells beautiful classic automobiles from the fifites and sixties of the twentieth century. We took a little spin with his fine AC ACECA which you can see in the picture (with Robert Fluttert). The firm sells exclusive classic cars of outstanding quality for private persons on commission basis. Like the red Porsche 912 and the blue metallic Maserati Indy you see in the other picture. The cars at this firm are evaluated, tested and photographed by yours truly and technically inspected by Gabor Konkali, a very skilled technician. This year Smiths-Veglia celebrates it's 5 year jubilee. Visit the website to have a look at the beautiful classic cars and hear the engines running! http://www.smithsveglia.nl

Interview with Han Brouwers

For the April 2007 issue of the Dutch 'Onschatbare Klassieker Magazine' I interviewed Mr. Han Brouwers. As an accountant he has two passions; accounting and (racing) classic cars. He has quite a collection, lamongst others a Citro├źn DS, a Rolls Royce Phantom, a Talbot 105 racing car and even a scarce Triumph TR 8 in brand new condition! In the picture you see him racing his Talbot-Lago T26 GS 'Le Mans' car. A very scarce specimen of which only seven have been built.
Mr. Brouwers is chairman of the Dutch Vintage Sportscar Club. People with prewar sports-, racing cars and post war 'barchetta's' like the Jaguar C-type and D-type can join this club.
website http://www.dvscc.nl

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Lets fill the blog with classic cars and more...!

Well the blog seems to work properly! This week I will start to publish classic cars which are being tested, evaluated and photographed for my website. I also have an interview for the magazine I write for, who knows maybe something unexpected happens that can be published overhere! This week, starting April 24, I will live and work a little different. Normally I drive from job to job through the Netherlands, one day here, go home, the other day there. This week a 'mobile office' will be coupled with my classic 1975 Rover P6B. The mobile office is a 25 year old classic caravan from which I will live and work! The weather will be nice so why not combine work and pleasure? Tuesday I will drive to the north of the country (Friesland) and Thursday I will drive to the south east (Limburg). Found some nice camping spots!

March 21: Press day at Goodwood House

On this beautiful day the Goodwood events of 2007 were presented with a lot of impressive sports- and racingcars. The cars raced the circuit and the rally track.

March 20: Railton-Napier

Photographed in the Brooklands Museum

March 20: Brooklands racetrack

Historical important location. Built in the year 1907 and not in use anymore. Many land speed records have been ertablished here. Nowadays the remains of the circuit and the hillclimb track can be admired. The old clubhouse and the other buildings on the premises are in use as museum. Racing and record cars, motor cycles and aeroplanes can be admired. You can see the impressive Railton-Napier record/racing car and te Concorde aeroplane