Monday, June 4, 2007

Rolls Royce Phantom I Super Sport

At Geert Jan Peters Automobile Restorers, located in Kampen the Netherlands, a very interesting project can be seen. At the company a Rolls Royce Phantom I is being rebodied with a 'Jarvis experimental' bodywork. The original Phantom I was found in England in the year 2006. The car was fully original and came with the original factory book in which the production of the car is fully described. Every part of the car is numbered and is described in the factory book. They discovered that every part is still matching. With only one exclusion, the speedometer.

The owner wanted a Super Sport special and he decided the car should be exactly the same as the Jarvis Experimental. A very scarce original 'Jarvis' was photographed and measured all round including the curves of the bodywork. Also a lot of documentation and factory drawings were collected. The car was stripped up to the rolling chassis. Mechanics were overhauled where necessary and a new body was created by hand by a Dutch specialist. Originally the aluminium 'Jarvis' body features a wooden framework, this car was given a rigid steel structure. The steel frame was intensively coated against rust and to prevent electrolytical corrosion between the steel and the aluminium panels.

The interior and a lot of other exterior parts were also handcrafted.

In May 2007 the car was fully built up for testing. The body was not painted so eventual flaws could easily be corrected. The car was inspected and approved for road use by the authorities. After several hundreds of miles testing every detail was inspected and the car was taken apart again. Right now the Rolls Royce Phantom I super sport is being painted. After that the car will be build up to perfection. Look at and visit the presentation of Geert Jan Peters Automobile Restorers. - To be continued when the automobile is finished!


Buster B said...

Great blog!
Do you know the owner of this car?
I would be very keen to speak with him.
Thank you


Marc Vorgers said...

Hi Ian, thanks for your message. You can try to get in touch with the owner via the firm who built the car.
Regards, Marc