Monday, June 4, 2007

Rolls Royce enters rally 'battle'

Sunday, June 3, I participated in a nice historic touring rally with some friends. This modest and social tour is organized by Altena Classic Service for ten years now. The rally is called "Slag om Ane" in Dutch which means "The battle for Ane" (Ane is the location where the firm is located.) Normally I would drive the Rover P6B V8 or the Triumph TR6 but my mind was set for an 'up class' classic experience and presence. A bright white 1971 Rolls Royce Silver Shadow was picked up at Imparts ( and I found a bright white linen jacket to complete the picture.

Cruise controlled and in a flash we were directed to the start location of the rally, did we drive or were we teleported by the Spirit of extacy? We will never know. Right from the start we realized why Rolls Royce would never give information about the engines power. The factory alway said 'sufficient' - we now know that is true - seeing the Austin Healey's, Mercedes SL Pagoda's and other sportscars shrinking to pinpoints in our mirrors!
We had a great time and we finished 7th of 42 participating cars. This without trip/twinmaster, or other aids. Just teamwork: a driver and a chief navigator at the front seats, Junior navigator calculating the distances in the rear seats (left or right depending on the actual speed and sharp bends in the road).
I almost forget to mention the last team member residing under the white bonnet: his royal V8 highness supplied us with massive torque and effortless acceleration over a total distance of 450 kilometers in exchange for 120 litres of high octane petrol. Not bad for the tons of fun the Silver Shadow gave us. We express our compliments to the people of Altena Classic Service ( for organizing this highly enjoyable event!

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