Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Hietbrink coachbuilding

A visit to the workshop of Hietbrink coachbuilding is an impressive event for everybody who has ever been there. This bodywork artist is world famous for his restorations and recreations of original aluminium Ferrari bodywork. He also works on bodies of other makes if beautiful and exotic. As I visited Alwin Hietbrink he was just working on the famous Ferrari 250 'breadvan'. Through the years the car was given a new front which the owner wanted to be corrected by Hietbrink. The work was carried out using old photographs to recreate the original front. The sheeltmetal skills of this artist are just incredible. Look at the pictures or visit the website www.hietbrink.com


TB said...

very cool.

Marc said...

TB: I agree! what a car and what an artist!